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Art Sources for Less

As a 16 year old, I remember stepping into the National Museum of Art in Washington D.C. awestruck and amazed at the beautiful art on display. There was so much history, passion, depth, texture and life in that artwork. It was like looking into someone's story, their life and their experiences. Some pieces resonated and spoke to me in ways that brought back my own memories or sparked a desire to travel and see more of the world. I was still very young then but even now I am drawn to art with a story.

I, like many of you, wish I had a large budget for art that would allow me to bring original pieces home. Luckily for us there is still a way to bring home beautiful original art. It may not be the actual oil or mixed media piece but it's as close as you can get to the real thing! As a designer, I know how impactful a good piece of art can be and getting it at an affordable price puts the cherry on top. Today I'm sharing FOUR of my favorite designer sources for original art prints at an affordable price!

Source #1: Public Domain Museum Art

So many museums from the Metropolitan Museum of Art to one of my favorite's, The Art Institute of Chicago now offer free downloadable art with the "public domain" designation. Yes, this art is completely free to download and use for both personal and commercial purposes. "You are welcome to use any images with the label “CC0 Public Domain Designation” for any purpose, including commercial and noncommercial uses, free of charge and without additional permission from the museum." AIC

Want to know how to start your own art collection? The Art Institute of Chicago gives an excellent breakdown of how to search their database of 50,000+ images here:

Some people search pinterest or Facebook for hours, I often find myself searching through art to find just the right piece for a client, a friend or myself! Here are just a few pieces I found and loved.

This is just a small sampling of some of the beautiful art pieces and variety they have available! If there's a specific place you love, thing you love to do or theme you're searching for you can also search by subject for the perfect piece. The art you display in your home should share a glimpse into your own life story or what you love. For example, my client at the Rustic Modern Farmhouse loved New York. They had spent time there and even named their daughter after the Brooklyn Bridge. When I found this piece depicting the bridge I knew it was the perfect!

Not only did it pull all the colors together we incorporated into their living room but it also spoke to a part of my client's story and something they loved. Here is a look at "Brooklyn Bridge" proudly displayed in their home.

Source #2 - BFF Printshop

Another amazing and affordable source for art that is the BFF Printshop. Not only do they have beautiful vintage art but they also have some great modern art too! If you want to save hours of searching this is a one stop shop for some amazing artwork at a very affordable price and beautiful quality. Most downloads are just $15 and can be printed any size you like. I often get 24"x36"poster prints made at our local Walgreens. More often than not they have a 50% off online coupon which allows me to make a print for less than $12! When you consider all of the pieces in a room, art can often have the most impact on the mood and style of a space. At this price just think of how a small investment can completely change your space!

At my Modern Farmhouse project I used one of their beautiful prints called "Sapphire Lake" I love, love this print and have it on display in my own home too!

Source #3 - Juniper Printshop

Juniper Printshop is another one of my favorite sources for artwork. There are a few things that make them unique and wonderful. One, the art is all original, only sold by them. They work directly with artists who create beautiful pieces specifically for their printshop. They tell their stories, share their inspiration and the art becomes even more special and unique.

The other fabulous part of purchasing their art is the scale. You can get high quality prints made and shipped directly to you up to 79"x55". Talk about making a statement! A piece that size can completely transform your space into something magical. They also offer digital downloads at $20 and you can print them any size you want!

I have a client I am working with now that will showcase this beautiful pairing in their dining room. It reminded them of trips to Mexico and looks beautiful with their collection of Mexican Pottery on display in their nearby kitchen. I can't wait to share photos soon!

Source #4 - Minted

Last but not least on my list of great art sources is Minted. They have a huge database of original art and allow you to purchase just a print, a canvas or even have your art custom framed. From photography to abstract line art their pieces are high quality and simply stunning! They have character and uniqueness you won't find at a big box store. I love that they share about the artist and so you have a little connection to the artist themselves. In today's world that connection is so important. Perhaps they are from a country you love or they photographed a place that's near and dear to your heart. It's that story behind the art that often speaks to you and makes that art a must have in your home.

Art is essential to sharing your story, creating a mood or a focal point and often brings a whole space together. I hope you enjoy searching through these great sources for art and making a home that feels like your home. No matter what your budget is you don't have to wait to put something beautiful on your wall. Start you collection now! Find art that speaks to you. With time and experience you'll come to know your style and what you love. The important thing is to start now and share your own story. Happy hunting!

Always, Hillaree


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03 janv. 2023

This post is genius! Can’t wait to look at the MET’s public domain art! That museum is one of my favorites. Chicago’s sounds great too! Love all these ideas for affordable and quality art pieces.

03 janv. 2023
En réponse à

Thank you so much! It can be addicting! I hope you find some great pieces!

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