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What my clients are saying...


We loved working with Hillaree. She took the time to know our style and came forward with awesome ideas. She’s reliable, works quickly and is very talented!!

Hillary R.

Hillaree recently designed a number of beautiful spaces in our home addition.  Her experience and knowledge of kitchen functionality and design were key in providing a kitchen and dining area to meet our family's needs.  Hillaree worked with me in coordinating paint, floor coverings, countertops, lighting, and fixtures along with furnishings.  She is knowledgeable about all things related to design and was available whenever I had questions.  Hillaree nailed the look that I was working towards.  I feel deeply grateful and fortunate that I had the opportunity to work with Hillaree.

Sherry B.

BM Modern Cottage Kitchen

My husband and I planned a remodel for our 1998 home.  I didn’t have an imagination for how to address the kitchen as well as a few other areas of the house.  Hillaree quickly came up with a design that perfectly fit our family.  She is creative, helpful, and innovative. We have loved working with her.  She was very patient as we were often slow to make final decisions.  She is kind, professional, and also very talented.  I would heartily recommend her as a designer.    

Lisa S.

I have worked with Hillaree on a number of projects. She has turned many houses with layouts that don’t make sense in to amazing functional modern homes. I love how she brings vision and purpose to the home.

Her attention to details and awesome ideas make your dreams a reality.

Wayne, Master's Touch Construction

IMG_5740 2.jpg

One of my big regrets while we were going through our home designing and building process, was that I didn’t call Hillaree sooner. So much time, stress, arguing, confusion, overwhelm and headaches could have been avoided if we had consulted her sooner. 


She is truly a miracle worker. At our first meeting I had asked for some help with kitchen design. Instead of just showing up and taking hours to ask questions to get to know my style, she created a Pinterest board with lots of sub boards and asked me to spend some time pinning things I was drawn to in each category. The Pinterest board was far more detailed than I expected, and as I was pinning I thought to myself “ I have no idea what I like or want.” I thought for sure  she would think I was crazy because I couldn’t stick to one style or theme. And then, she blew my mind! Based on what I had pinned, she came to our first meeting knowing me better then I new myself. She presented a whole kitchen style, color theme, ideas for flow and functionality that was such a good fit for me.  I loved it! As if that wasn’t enough, she had taken a look at our whole house plan and made a few simple suggestions for adjustments to some spaces that were only semi functional and turned them into spaces I knew I would love. 


Through our building process we encountered many set backs and hurdles, thanks in large part to supply chain issues everyone else at the time was also experiencing. Every time we were faced with a challenge we were sure would be our doom, she came in and within minutes would have amazing ideas for workable solutions. They often ended up being better ideas than our original plans in the first place. Hillaree is a miracle worker. Your only regret calling her will be that you didn’t call her sooner. I promise! 

Aria S.

Working with Hillaree was so enjoyable. She has the ability to start with what you have, and make everything much better. I love the end results from color choices to art and furniture. She’s a very talented woman.

Kristine H.

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