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Design Consultations: Furniture & Finish Selection

Not all of my client consultations result in moving walls and adding square footage. For many clients it's all about what's on the surface. From the jewelry of the room, the accessories, artwork and lighting, to the furniture (existing and new), rugs and drapery and then to the foundation of the space with flooring, paint colors and mouldings and casings, I love this aspect of interior design.

It's a joy to see how simply rearranging a space can make all the difference. I'm not one to shy away from doing the heavy lifting and moving furniture with my clients. It's a fast and easy way to explain and share the vision when they can see it first hand. It also makes it easier to see where pieces may be missing or what's not working. For some clients, all it takes is moving around existing pieces to create a more functional and beautiful space while, for others it's a fresh new look with new furniture or finishes that they're after. I'm all for that too! In a Design Consultation, we can look at all of your pieces together, make selections and adjustments to make it function at its best and be as beautiful as ever. Here are a few transformations for your viewing pleasure of one client's home using my furniture and finish design consultations for assistance.

In this client's home she was ready to move on from her French Country furniture style to a fresher Modern Transitional style.

I met with her, measured the space, got a sense of her personal taste and budget and then together we brought pieces together to create a whole new feeling in her primary suite. We're still working to curate a few finishing touches but I love how it's transformed so far!

My client found this incredible bed and lamps and I helped her find the perfect end tables, lighting and chaise to bring everything together. This stunning rug she found on her travels to the middle east and WOW it is beautiful! She was literally texting me from across the world to be sure the colors would work well in this space. We didn't change the paint color on the walls or the window-coverings and yet the newly added contrast makes the space feel so much brighter and more inviting. I love being in spaces like this and helping clients have the confidence to move forward with design decisions and selections.

It was an equally thrilling experience to work with this client in other areas of their home. We've been working room by room to give her home style and purpose equal to it's beautiful architecture.

Here's a Before & After of their living room space.

We grounded the large windows with a beautiful sofa and end tables (still awaiting lamps to arrive). The larger rug with it's beautiful contrasting pattern is the showstopper in this space and carries your eye to the central larger coffee table. Finally, the leather pushback chairs and sofa to the right (not pictured here) adds just the right amount of comfort and warmth. With the added seating and better furniture arrangement it seems to beckon you to come and sit down from the entry.

The front room was lacking in purpose and focal point and so from a sketch and furniture selections my client was able to transform this front room into something amazing. We selected a paint color, had built ins created, added accent lighting, new furniture and a rug and the difference is stunning. Just what my client was after!

Finally, the stairway took on a whole new feeling with a fresh composition of furniture pieces and accessories. See it here!

If your space feels like it's missing something, the flow isn't working well for you or you're simply looking to update and modernize your home be sure to schedule a design consultation with me! I'm here to bring you the expert advice and experience to bring your vision to life.

Feel free to inquire more about my hourly design consultations by contacting me directly HERE. I look forward to working with you soon!





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