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Design Consultations: Space Planning & Floor Plan Review

Whether you're building a new home or plan to rework your existing one, having a design expert available to review your plans and the layout of your home can make a world of difference. Things like alignment, traffic flow, focal points, lighting, and space for your furniture arrangements are essential to making your spaces work for you and feel like home. Here are two examples of client design consultations where our meeting made all the difference in their home.


Design Consultation Example 1: Floor Plan Review

Below you'll see a snapshot of the original plans that were drafted for my client's new home. When we met together I could immediately see a problem area they hadn't recognized. The doorway labeled (4) is their main entry from the garage space into their home. This is where all the traffic from their family flows into the home and into their main kitchen and living areas. If you look adjacent to the doorway you'll see an angled wall with a closet. Between the closet and locker areas there was only a space of 2' at most. Can you imagine funneling your children through that space carrying grocery bags to the kitchen island? Luckily, there was a better way to lay out and configure this space.

In our initial meeting we sketched with tracing paper over the original plans to find a better solution. We were early enough in the process that we didn't have to move walls that were already built which made changes much more cost effective and doable. I took those sketches and needs from my client and created the following floor plan.

If you compare the two plans you'll see how much more functional, spacious and better designed the new plan is. Not only is the flow better from the garage into the kitchen but it provided space for a complete wall of built in mud room cabinetry. We were also able to add a whole utility cabinet / broom closet by the entry to the pantry as well. Speaking of the pantry, we were able to add a few more feet into the space which will make all the difference in that space. In the kitchen, we added an additional window, created a space for a full size refrigerator and freezer, added space for multiple cooks and made the whole space function beautifully. Here are a few of the elevations of this space too. Stay tuned in the coming weeks as this space is nearly finished and I'll be sharing photos soon! After receiving these drawings they were able to move forward and get quotes on their cabinetry and have a clear vision moving forward. I met with them a handful of times steering them along the way and the finished result is beautiful....just you wait!


Design Consultation Example 2: Space planning an Existing Home

I would say client consultations I have for new construction vs existing homes is usually about 50/50. But, since the incredible jump in house prices here in Southern Idaho the number of clients working to make their home work and remodel their home is definitely increasing. When I met this client in their home with their contractor the list was long when it came to problems they were experiencing with the layout and size of their home. Here are a few images of their home at our first consultation.

The kitchen was incredibly small for their family of six. You could stand in the middle of their kitchen and touch their refrigerator, stove or sink without taking a step. Not that smaller kitchens can't function well but this kitchen needed something more. In addition to the kitchen, they had more of a breakfast nook for dining which wasn't conducive to entertaining let alone all sitting together as a family for dinner. Their master bedroom, living room and other spaces all weren't working well for them but it wasn't feasible to sell and move into another home so they wanted to make their home into something that functioned better for them.

This next image is the construction floor plan showing where we moved and added walls, much needed storage and function. We swapped the master bedroom with the existing living room to create a new dining space. We sealed off the entry from the kitchen to create more space for cabinetry and moved the entry to another wall. The existing carport between their home and their garage then became a new living room and entry into the home.

Here's a look at progress so far!

I met with these clients in person twice and that was just enough for both the contractor and client to be on the same page to move forward and create something beautiful. This home is now undergoing it's transformation now and I'm so excited to see the finished space in the coming months!


If you'd like me to look over your new or existing home design feel free to reach out to me and set up a virtual or in person design consultation HERE. I look forward to working with you soon!




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