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Design Consultations: Visualizing Your Home With Sketches

Visualizing what your home can become just became so much easier with live sketches from yours truly! I love being able to draw on site with my clients. It helps communicate what I see in my mind for their space and helps us all be on the same page. It's also the first step in helping clients visualize their space.

Creating floor plans, elevations and perspective drawings are some of my favorite aspects of interior design. It's a beautiful thing to see the eyes light up of my clients as they begin to picture the possibilities of their home.

When I was in design school from 2007 - 2013 (with a year and a half spent in Thailand in the middle) I took a number of classes in interior rendering and drawing. It was there that I found a real love for a talent I didn't know I had. I wasn't one to draw very much in my youth. Most of the time it required drawing people which wasn't my forte. Even now I don't enjoy drawing people. I like the structure and order of straight lines and forms rather than the fluidity of drawing people. Luckily, I can usually give a sense of space without adding a person to my drawings.

It may be surprising to hear but many designers don't have the ability to draw out their designs by hand. More often they rely on technical drawings alone to communicate their vision. While I also do technical drawings, elevations and floor plans there's something beautiful about being able to draw things by hand. Here are a few examples of sketches with notes from design consultations past.

From one of my clients: "Hillaree was a lifesaver. I initially met with her when we were in the process of building a new home. I was overwhelmed and had a lot of ideas but didn't know how to put them all together in a cohesive way. Hillaree helped with tile, paint, and bathroom finishes that made it easy to show to independent contractors. She designed the built-in cabinets in our home office that created the storage and functionality we were looking for while also being beautiful. She sketched out millwork based on some ideas I had that were easily implemented by giving them to our contractor. She has such an eye for beauty and cohesiveness while taking personal style into account! Hillaree is a dream to work with and I highly recommend her!" - Amanda H.

With these notes, my clients are able to communicate with their contractors and tradesman, remember the advice and suggestions I give in our meetings, and move forward to make their beautiful home a reality. I work hard to make the time I spend with you the most it can be. When I can sketch with you and put your vision to paper it makes all the difference in bringing that vision to life. I have sketchbooks full of meeting notes from client consultations past and I look forward to filling many more when I get to meet with you!

All the best,



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