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Hill-How: How to find great deals on quality lighting

Lighting is often referred to as the jewelry of your space. A chandelier, sconce or pendant can steel the show and do wonders to elevate your interior. Selecting the right light fixture in the right scale and finish can make or break your space. Luckily, there are ways to find fabulous show stopping lighting that doesn't cost a fortune. Here are a few tips and tricks I employ when I'm hunting to find beautiful quality lighting at great prices.


1. Learn Quality Brands

When searching for quality lighting, educating yourself is key. There are many high end brands that sell their products across a broad spectrum of companies, even through Walmart! Knowing what brands to look for can help you in your search for a quality fixture at an affordable pricea list of brands from for example that lists amazing quality brands I've used for many of my clients.

From Arteriors to Visual Comfort, if you're in the market for quality lighting I would familiarize yourself with these high end styles and which companies you're drawn to so that you can spot them when a great deal comes along. Then when you're perousing places like Facebook Marketplace you'll know when you've found a diamond in the rough.

When I was on the hunt for a chandelier in my living / dining space a few weeks ago I came across an unboxed Generation Lighting chandelier listed for $250. Knowing that Generation Lighting is a sister company to Visual Comfort and a great quality light I looked a little deeper into it. The piece would have been $939 if I had purchased it directly but because it had been posted for a while I was able to get my brand new fixture for $125. A fabulous price for a show stopping chandelier I'd say! When you know what to brands to look for it's easier to spot them from places like Facebook Marketplace and know it will be a quality piece.


2. Look at the Materials

Look for descriptions to include real materials like glass and metal instead of plastic. Metals like Iron and steel for example will be much heavier, have more visual quality, and timeless appeal while lighter metals such as aluminum will be lighter and often flimsy in construction.

There was one asymmetrical light I was considering for my kitchen and almost pulled the trigger, then I looked closer at the materials and reviews only to discover what I thought was rounded glass and metal was actually plastic. It's unfortunate because I really liked the scale and style from the photos but in person I know they wouldn't have the quality I'm after. Look at those details before you order so you're not surprised when the pieces arrive.


3. Use Pinterest for "Like Items"

Pinterest can be a great search engine to find the look of a high end fixture you're after at a more affordable price. It's full of influencers sharing "Double Takes", "Dupes" and the like of great pieces. Here's just an example from Something Turquoise's pin:

Another great way to find quality pieces at a better price is to use the "Shop Similar" feature on Pinterest. When you're on the image of a piece you like simply scroll down and see images of similar items also for sale. It can become a fun game of clicking into images swiping up and can often bring you to even better pieces you wouldn't see otherwise. The best part is that these images will bring you right to the source to get the deal you're after or a dupe that's more affordable.


4. Shop Clearance Sales & Read the Reviews

Shop clearance sales by lowest to highest sorting to see the best deals first. Discontinued styles may not have performed well in the grand scheme of marketing strategies but may give you a style unique to your space. Keep an eye on reviews. Just because they’re clearing out an item doesn’t mean it had defects, it's possible it just wasn’t popular to the large crowd or they’re making room for new products.

Now, if the reviews indicate that there are flaws in the design or construction of a fixture then I would steer you to look at other options. We're looking for quality at a great price, not flawed pieces.

I'll share a look soon at my boys bathroom with a great outdoor flush mount (water resistant for little boys who like to splash) that I got from Crate and Barrel for $34.97 (Reg: $129). The reviews were all fabulous and it's a thick glass and metal modern light. They're now out of stock (great deals go fast!) but here's a sneak peek! As soon as it's installed I'll share photos so stay tuned!


Just because you're on a tight budget, like I am, renovating or building your home doesn't mean you need to compromise on quality. There are fabulous light fixtures out there waiting to be found to elevate your home. I hope these insider design tips will help you find a great deal on a beautiful light fixture and bring your home up to the next level! I'm also a resource and happy to help you in the hunt to find the perfect piece. Just reach out to set up a consultation! Happy shopping friends!



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