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Home Refresh: Shop your home

I've been scouring the internet and Facebook Marketplace in search of the perfect little desk or chest to use in my guest room for the last few weeks with no luck. I was measuring what size I needed after our new bed was situated (I'll share more on that later) and it dawned on me, my entry cabinet would fit perfectly. The thought hadn't occurred to me earlier because we've been using that cabinet multiple times a day as a diaper caddy perfectly situated between all the levels in our home. It was just compact enough and yet big enough to do the trick. I loved it in the entry but when I put it next to the bed in our guest room it was even better. It's just wide enough to balance the size of the queen bed, a touch of black which I think every space needs.

Here's my little black cabinet both spaces, the Guest Room & the Entry...Which space do you like it in more?

With a New Year often comes a yearning for our homes to look fresh and new too. That doesn't mean we need to go out shopping for all new furniture to bring new life to our home. Shopping your own home, moving pieces around to a new place may do just the trick. While you're cleaning out all those Christmas decorations you may consider giving a new fresh look to your furniture too with a new layout and finding a new home in your home for some of your pieces.

Shopping your home can breath new life into old pieces, save money and keep your home feeling fresh.

It can be a snowball effect, once you move one piece it can leave a void where something else needs to go in its place and that's where the fun of musical furniture begins! Once I moved the cabinet from my entry into the guest room it meant the entry mirror needed a new friend and so I brought the bench from my bedroom into the entry.

The bench is wider than my other cabinet was but it's open frame doesn't feel too large for the space and there's still plenty of room for the front door to open freely. Here's a closer look at all four of these spaces. Which space do you like the bench in more and which space do you like the cabinet in more? I'd love to hear what you think in the comments below!

Happy Shopping!



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