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Howard Home Tour - 6 Months in!

It has officially been six months since we moved into our new home! I can hardly believe it. I still get e-mails showing me houses hitting the market and I have yet to see anything like our home. I am sooo grateful that we were blessed to get our home when we did and it has been such a joy making it ours little by little. There are still a number of projects to go in the coming months and years but I wanted to share a look at where we started, how far we've come and some of our plans in progress for the different spaces in our home.

Our home is a split level style home built in 1963 with a total of 2300 sq ft, two bathrooms and four bedrooms.


The Entry

PAST: We started transforming this space as we have most areas of our home, with paint! Using BM - Intrigue on the walls and BM - Simply White on the ceilings.

PRESENT: I've recently moved this little bookshelf into the entry and it's been working great so far! It's not a very wide space so something narrow was in order. We've kept this counter height stool here as well for extra seating in the kitchen or a place to put on shoes and it's been great.

FUTURE: Well, first off this light fixture still needs to go! I'd love to find a great statement light that works with our sloped ceiling. A narrow console with a little narrow ottoman would be fun too. Natural light is definitely a factor in this space as well. I plan to change out our front door with a modern meets traditional take on a black reeded glass door. That isn't happening this year but hopefully next year!


The Dining Room & Living Room

PAST: When we closed on our home the first order of business was painting over the baby blue and yellow walls. And so, we got to work! There were little shelves built into the left of the fireplace which I yanked out and patched up so that I could bring BM- Intrigue onto the walls to contrast with the white painted brick.

PRESENT: It's amazing how the the contrasting backdrop to the bring made it look so much richer and beautiful. I've moved the furniture around a number of times already just trying to get the flow right. We're finally settling in this layout and loving the statement lighting too. It hangs a little low, I'm still hoping to swoop it over the coffee table when we change out our ceiling heat but we'll see!

FUTURE: What I am dying to add to this space is some applied moldings to the walls. There's something about adding those architectural elements that bring depth and interest that I would love to have in this space. The double glass doors opening into the sun room are also due for a makeover. Still trying to decide if I want them black or white. Stay tuned!


The Kitchen

PAST: Our kitchen desperately needed a number of things when we first moved in, a refrigerator (If you read my post, We Bought a House Part 3 - Welcome to a Flood, you'll know why!), an island, new lighting and a fresh coat of paint.

PRESENT: We've checked off most of that list for now to make this space functional and beautiful too. But there are a number of things I'd like to change to make this kitchen soo much better. First off, the cabinetry, while I don't mind the natural hickory, most of the cabinets are designed with a divider splitting the doors in half. It doesn't look bad but it really limits how we can use the cabinets and what will actually fit inside. Other things, like the microwave over the hood (a major pet-peeve of mine) that doesn't actually vent out, the formica countertops, over-mount composite sink, I'd love to change out for something better.

FUTURE: While it has been a great kitchen for us I would LOVE to redesign this space and make it function and look next level! I have dreams of a tile hood, quartzite countertops, under-mount sink, new lighting, cabinets to the countertop to hide the little appliances and more. Stay tuned...I'm sure I'll share plans and hopes for the future soon!


The Sun Room

PAST: This space with its LVP floors had so much potential! I love all the windows and that I can see the whole yard from this space.

PRESENT: As you can imagine, my boys spend a lot of time in this space. We added a swing, our large sectional and the softest rug in the house (which is huge and I found at an estate sale for $120) The boys are hard on the pieces in here and this rug has taken a beating. There's no heat or A/C in this room so all the windows don't necessarily help with that but I've got ideas to help.

FUTURE: The first order of business for the future of this room is lining the walls with floor to ceiling black out drapes. I want something that will help be a thermal barrier to the cold or heat that we get here in Idaho. The little nook I'd love to do a built in or freestanding bench with a pair of chairs and a round table. That's still in the works for the future too!


The Guest Room

PAST: With its grey walls and off centered light and laminate floors we started with a blank slate and lots of potential.

PRESENT: I've added floor to ceiling drapes, a new bed frame and treasures, like the art from my great grandmother. It's a nice guest retreat and sometimes it becomes more of a storage room than it gets used!

FUTURE: In the future I'd love to wallpaper these walls or the ceiling, get a cute accent chair and more. I did just move my babies crib into this room to make way for his big boy bed in their room so I'm not sure how much love this space will get in the near future!


The Boy's Bedroom

PAST: This room came painted in a glossy light grey, same as the guest room. It's a longer room, without a closet so it meant for more space to sleep and contain all that comes with kiddos.

PRESENT: We've played with the layout of this long rectangle room a few times now and we just received the order for another bed to add little boy #3 to the mix! He's been co-sleeping with us for the last year + and it's time for our big toddler to have a big boy bed like his brothers. We've played with the idea of moving him into the guest room but we thought at this point in their youth it's good for them all to be together!

FUTURE: I have a few ideas we'll experiment with the placement the additional twin bed and I'll share that soon. But for now, I have black out drapes that just arrived, plans for white paint on the walls with a blue ceiling and down the wall a few inches. We can't get another twin headboard like these ones, I purchased them when a store was closing and they are out of stock online, so I'm planning to use a wood headboard in the middle. New bedding, art that say "The Howard Bros." and more all on their way! Stay tuned!


The Boy's Bathroom

PAST: The leaky faucet, cracked pedestal sink and broken lighting were high on the list to fix this bathroom.

PRESENT: I found this great display model vanity with a white oak look, quartz countertop and then added a beautiful chrome faucet. I also removed the existing medicine cabinet and have all the supplies to fix up the walls! The new mirror just arrived and we'll get plugging away at other elements in this space soon.

FUTURE: I'd love to get rid of the pale yellow walls, add a tile boarder to make sense of the gap between the tile and the higher window and bring a hard surface up higher in the shower. I think it will add some much needed personality in our boys bathroom and update the original tile while still keeping the majority of it.


The Primary Bedroom

PAST: This room was a blank slate just waiting for some drama.

PRESENT: The warmth of the original hardwood floors were just waiting for a moody moment. I have been wanting to use this color for ages, BM - Vintage Vogue and this was the perfect place for it. I painted the entire room to envelope the room in color and it's amazing how calming it is. I'm still working on the nightstand situation but loving how this space feels.

FUTURE: Just like in the living room, this room is calling for some applied moldings and trim work. It would add another layer of dimension I know I would love for years to come. I purchased frames and just need to take the time to get the prints so I can hang art above the bed as well.


The Primary Bathroom

PAST: This bathroom with it's tilted mirrors, industrial lighting, Spanish traditional style finishes and cabinetry just don't fit the style of our home

PRESENT: We're living with the tile countertop, vanity and tile for now but I'd really love to give the whole space a facelift. I did get a pair of mirrors that are awaiting paint to replace these but I need a new light fixture that's vertical to make them work when I do! So far this space has a new ventilation fan and that's about it!

FUTURE: In the future I imagine a more modern style vanity with a black marble countertop, a new larger window to replace the awkward angles of the ones we have, a black lined glass shower door and new tile throughout.


The Office

PAST: When I first walked in this space I loved all the natural light. Even though it's a wedge of a window, and lacking in energy efficiency for sure, I love when this room is filled with golden evening light.

PRESENT: Although not as organized as I would like I love having my own office space. I've changed a few things around to make working with my laptop a little easier and I'm still working on the best way to store samples but it's been working great so far!

FUTURE: In the future the biggest change to this room will be adding a larger window to the front of the house and removing the original triangle above. The front elevation needs some help and I think this will do the trick! I'm excited to have even more natural light in here in the future as well.


The Man Cave

PAST: This windowless room in the basement was painted a dull white color and I knew it would be amazing to go dark on the walls.

PRESENT: We painted the walls in SW - Dark Night and instantly it created a mood. We purchased our modular sectional for this space and it barely fit piece by piece down the stairs. A dose of star wars, a geometric wool rug and some fabulous company and this man cave / theater room is such a fun space for our family!

FUTURE: The exciting feature we are in the process of adding right now is LED color changing lighting to wash the ceiling in moody light. I can't wait to share when it's done!


The Laundry Room

PAST: This is one of the spaces that was flooded when we first came home and luckily most of it was hidden behind the washer and dryer. There's some other funky things with the plumbing going on but we're working with it!

PRESENT: I just got a pair of industrial carts to use in this space and it's already been so much more accessible and functional. I'll be sharing more of that soon!

FUTURE: In the future the red has to go. I'd love to paint the cabinets something neutral. I may replace this original paper but it's pretty neutral too so it may stay for a while. I've been playing in my mind with a different configuration of this space too and I'll share plans for that soon.


The Garden

PAST: The corner of our backyard had a hexagon shaped pad of gravel where the previous owners had their above ground pool. I knew this is where I wanted to put my garden but I also loved using it for a play space for my kids so the challenge was bringing the two together.

PRESENT: It's been a labor of love but using fencing left behind and buying pressure treated wood I created raised garden beds and filled them with plants.

FUTURE: I'm working on stain choices now. Where they are somewhat uneven in finish, I'd love to either paint or stain the picket fence in a dark almost black color. Finding something long lasting that's dark is a challenge but I'm excited to see how it turns out! I'm also searching for shade to add over the sandbox for hot summer days.


The Exterior

PAST: Our home has a lot of wear and tear on the exterior that we're working to resolve. The chimney is falling apart, there are sections of siding that are beyond repair and need replaced. Gutters missing and worn too.

PRESENT: We're tackling projects on the exterior a little at a time and dreaming and planning of how we can enhance the curb appeal and make everything work better too.

FUTURE: This front profile with the triangle windows will definitely be part of the refresh. We're planning to add a pair of larger windows to the front and get rid of the inefficient triangle windows at the top. Imagine a New soffit and facia, a copper front gutter and a deep bronze exterior above to contrast with the light brick below. I'd also love a reeded glass black front door, new light fixtures and the whole front step situation reworked as well. Lots to do but it definitely has potential!


Thank you so much for following along as we make this house our home! I feel so blessed to live in this incredible home and for the memories we've made here already. I'm excited to take you along as we continue to change and improve space by space. Have a wonderful day!

❤️/ Hillaree

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