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Living Room Reveal • RY Modern Farmhouse

A space with curves on curves basking in brilliant light.

At least that's how I'd describe the beautiful living space at the #RYmodernfarmhouse. When I first walked into this space the curved wall of two story windows was a definite showstopper and I was instantly excited to bring this space to life. My clients brought me on just as the white oak floors and gorgeous stone fireplace were being installed and I'm so glad they did. Both husband and wife had a mix of design style preferences so it was my challenge to bring them both together in harmony to create a home they'd love.

Design Challenge:

  • Mix my client's Contemporary & Mid-century Modern element style with their spouse's Traditional & Farmhouse style.

  • Complement the interior architecture including the curved window wall and the two story fireplace while creating a focal point from the entry view.

  • Find a balance of finishes to make the white two story living space feel comfortable and inviting.

  • Arrange the furniture to allow for an ease of flow from the living to kitchen areas and access to the built in cabinetry.

The Solution:


1. Getting the Mix just right.

When I first met my clients they both expressed a love for different interior styles. The one loved structured, modern lines and finishes while the other loved more traditional, comfy, farmhouse elements. I love mixing styles because that's when the real magic happen. Creating your own unique mix is what makes your home feel like your own.

Here I brought these styles together by using a combination of sculptural modern lines particularly in the end and coffee tables with their curves and angular metals in contrast with traditional tufting in the accent chairs, warm woven fabrics and patterns. The rug we used was the perfect fusion of the two styles as well with its traditional organic floral pattern showcased in a modern black and white color scheme.

2. Repeating the curves in the architecture into the furnishings.

When I found this amazing curved sofa that perfectly followed the curve of the wall I knew it was the one. The large windows were calling for a large piece of furniture to balance their scale and help draw you into the space. With the beautiful tiered round chandelier above it made perfect sense to repeat that shape below with a modern black and white coffee table. You'll see other circular shapes from the mirror to the lamps and on to the other end tables. Repeating the curved shapes in various forms throughout help to create a harmonious rhythm.

3. Finding balance with contrast.

When there's an abundance of white in a space I love to use a touch of black. It helps draw your eye around the room and create interest. In this case, the black in the large rug not only defines the living area in this open space but also grounds it visually with texture and the contrast of the black. The furnishings are all very neutral until you see the splash of sky blue and cognac leather. Playing off the blue mountain view beyond I added this beautiful pair of tufted chairs perfectly complemented by the orange tones in the mid century modern leather chair and ottoman on the opposite side of the space.

4. Space Planning the furniture for flow

When space planning this beautiful living space it was important that it also functioned and flowed into the neighboring spaces. That is where mixing in chairs with the larger sofa was the perfect direction to go. The pair of blue chairs in particular, weren't too wide that they blocked the path from the stairway and kitchen space but their higher back helped them feel substantial enough to balance the tall fireplace on the opposite side of the room. I recommend having at least 4' or 48" for main traffic flow from space to space. It can be as small as 30-36" if it's a minor traffic flow but for two people to walk side by side or going either direction 4' + is best. 5' is even better.

It was such a wonderful experience designing this amazing space for equally amazing clients! I hope you all gleaned some design wisdom for your own home from this deep dive into this beautiful living room. Check out my portfolio to see more of this beautiful home RY Modern Farmhouse and stay tuned for more of the WHY behind the design!





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