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Music Room Reveal • RY Modern Farmhouse

When I began working with my client on this space right off the entry we were brainstorming what they love to do as a family and that is when the "Music Room" was born. They had already created this amazing accent wall with a fresh take on board and batten and selected this dynamic light fixture. It made perfect sense.

Their piano was painted a deep barn red color and so we painted it a fresh blue to repeat the cool elements throughout their home and to perfectly complement the warm yellows and oranges of their instruments.

My client was planning to tuck their ukuleles away in the closet but when we held them up against the piano it made perfect sense to put them on display. We found these great little stands and now the instruments are easily accessible and act as beautiful art!

We looked at doing a love seat or a lounge seat in front of the large windows but ultimately decided to do a pair of wingback chairs for flexibility. They could easily be positioned depending on what their family wanted to do at the time or so that someone could escape from it all and relax on their own.

On the opposite side of the room from the piano we created a gallery wall to balance the deep gray accent wall. I found these fabulous patent drawings on Etsy of their favorite instruments the trumpet, banjo, piano and saxophone and framed them in matted glass and wood. The warmth of the frame repeats other warm finishes throughout the space and they're so much fun too!

Here's a LINK to get these prints for yourself!

This was such a fun space to design! I love making spaces that are perfectly catered to a families needs and interests. To another client this room right off the entry may have become a formal sitting room, an office or a library perhaps but I love that it became a music room for this family. Do you have a music room in your home? Perhaps, you'd love one as much as this family loves theirs!

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