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Spring Refresh in the Guest Room

I'm writing this as a new blanket of snow is falling outside. It may still be winter out there but that won't stop me from bringing spring inside! And so yesterday, I decided to tackle my guest room, open the drapes to let the light in and move things around.

Spring cleaning at my house usually means moving furniture around. I've only lived in our new home less than four months but that doesn't mean things have to stay as they are if they aren't working. My guest room isn't a large room and so a chest of drawers I was using for extra storage in this space really limited how I could arrange things. When my closet called for the extra drawer space I moved it up the stairs and into my room. In my younger years (yes, I'm still young) moving a solid piece of furniture up the stairs would have been no problem but moving that chest up two flights of stairs while my husband was at work proved challenging. My sweet little three year old noticed my struggle and jumped right in to help! We did it together. :)

I was listening to Pierre Frey, a fabulous fabric designer, speak of growing up with his mother who said, "If you don't move things you won't see them after a while. The only way to see what you love is to move them." (Business of Home Podcast)

When he spoke of his mother waking him up at 4am to help him move a commode (often another term for a chest of drawers or a dresser) into another room because she thought it would look better in that space, I couldn't help but think of my little boys helping me. I'm so lucky to be raising a crew of helpers who will heed my own call to help move furniture around in the future. Not at 4am mind you, I'm sure it will be at a reasonable hour.

Here's a look at my guest room space before,

Once that chest of drawers was gone it opened up the space for a new arrangement. Here's a look at the space now!

Turning the bed to the side wall did a few things in this space. It provided the perfect place to hang this vintage art that used to belong to my great grandmother Tolman. It's a little more "girly" than my other spaces so it made sense to bring the touch of femininity into the guest room. The other thing moving the bed did, was allow a view from the bed to the outside and allow all that glorious light to highlight the focal point in the space. The bed is now also on the largest wall of the room and clearly visible from the doorway.

I used stripes on stripes on stripes in the bedding arrangement. Can you tell I have a thing for stripes? Even the channel tufted headboard has a form of stripes in it. We purchased the bed a few weeks after moving in when we discovered the boxspring wouldn't fit around the corner of our stairs. This has been a great bed for us so far at a great price! I'll link it for you here.

At some point I'd love to repaint, add applied mouldings in this space and even wallpaper! For now, this space is still the original color left by the previous home owners and other spaces take priority but I can see lots of potential.

Thank you so much for following along as I work to make our home the best it can be! As the old adage goes, "If you don't like where you are, move! You are not a tree." The same goes in our homes, If something isn't working for you, don't be afraid to move it around! If you can't pin down what isn't working in your space I'm just a FaceTime or a consultation away and I'm happy to help!

❤️/ Hillaree

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