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What is a Design Consultation?

A Design Consultation is a one on one experience virtually or in person where I give expert advice to jumpstart your project, rearrange or style your home, review finish samples or floor plans, sketch out ideas on site and provide you just what you need to make the most of your space.

Imagine having a few hours when you can be one on one with a design professional to ask them any question about your space, pick their brain for solutions and get the confidence you need to proceed ahead with your project. That is what you get when you meet with Hillaree!

For some clients, all they need is a few short hours with me to move forward on design decisions and for others we meet regularly throughout their project to bring their vision through to the finished space. Typically, consultations are two hour sessions and in that time I have seen magic happen for so many clients.

What makes working with me unique, is my flexibility in providing as little or as much assistance as you need to bring your space to life. At this time, I don't provide full-service design but instead offer design services that are accessible and affordable to everyday people. The more homes I can touch with good design the more beautiful this world will be. Ultimately, I want to help as many people as I can to live in a home they love. We are all surrounded by design both good and bad every day and making your home the most it can be both functionally and aesthetically brings me so much joy.

I also value my time with my young children which isn't conducive to offering full-service and complete project management at this time. I instead offer my expertise to provide you with finish selection, space planning, millwork details, lighting plans and whatever drawings or advice you need to empower you to see your vision through to the end. I do have a limited offering of to the trade purchasing of products with a minimal markup.

I have three little boys ages five, three & one. I am so grateful that I can be both a mother and a designer. It's not always a perfect balance but I like to think both passions work together in harmony day by day as they call for my attention. I can draft technical drawings or search for lighting selections for my clients on my computer while my children color pictures by my side and the baby is sleeping. Then, when I venture out to my client's home for a design consultation the boys get Daddy and Grandma time which is wonderful for them too! Perhaps in the future I will expand into that realm of full-service design when my children are older but in the mean time I love being able to help people turn their houses into homes and take care of my handsome boys too. It's something I love about owning my own business and being my own boss!

Whether you're building a new home or have a problem area in your existing home lets problem solve together and create something beautiful.

In upcoming blog posts you'll see an insider look at different types of design consultations I provide and how it's helped people create a home they love!

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