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The Entry Reveal - RY Modern Farmhouse

This home was such a bright beautiful space to work with. In the entry I wanted to bring all the colors and elements we were using in the neighboring spaces together as sort of a teaser trailer for the rest of the home. My client had already purchased this beautiful wood console and art piece so it was my job to bring the two together in an artful way. Here's a look at how I did it!

When you step inside this gorgeous home you see the beautiful living space beyond with its distant mountain view in the large curved window wall. It was important that the entry told its own story but also seamlessly carried your eye into the living space and the view. So, first things first was selecting the right rug.

I found this gorgeous vintage style rug with a subtle light blue and white organic pattern. The pattern played beautifully off the geometric pattern of the herringbone carpet in the music room. If you have a geometric pattern like this then something with flowing and organic lines mixes beautifully. The living room rug was a more contrasting bold pattern so the subtleness of this rug was the perfect complement. Also, the color was just a little lighter version of the color in their living room accent chairs so your eye carries into the next space beautifully.

Next up came the fun part, styling this beautiful vignette. We hung my client's art a little higher than I usually do to help with the scale of the tall two story entry and then I added pieces to help ground and visually tie it together with the console.

Layering books, a catch all bowl, candlesticks and a pair of vases brought it all together. Any where I can bring in fresh cut greenery I jump on the opportunity. Here I used tall green branches in the larger vase and a beautiful deep burgundy to give some variety to all the cool blues and greens in the shorter vase. I think a little unexpected splash of texture or color like this adds so much character and depth in a space. As does the black. I think every space needs at least a touch of black to add contrast and help your eye know where to look. The finishing touch was adding a basket below for texture and to help fill in the void of space left in the console.

This was such a fun space to curate and bring together for my client! I can hardly wait for the spring season when I can forage more beautiful branches like these and put them in my own space. In the winter months they'll use some faux greens but there's just something lovely about bringing nature in with real branches like these.

If you want to see more of the other spaces at the RY Modern Farmhouse including the Music Room and the Living Room, follow the links here!

Thank you so much for following along and stay tuned for a closer look at other spaces in this beautiful home!

All the best,


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